Slack is a community chat with rooms for different topics.

Step 1: Get an instant invite.

Fill out this form, and an invite will be sent immediately. You’re not signing up for any emails – it’s only used to invite you to Slack, and that’s it. Your email isn’t given to anyone else.

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The email will be sent right away – go click on that to activate your account.

Step 2: Join Slack.

After accepting the invite, download the Slack client, or go to

If you’re already registered, go to to start chatting.

Step 3: Pick rooms you’d like to join.

Here are some popular rooms:

Step 4: Learn advanced commands.

If you type this stuff in where the message goes, you can trigger things:

/me claps his hands

Looks like this after you hit enter:

/giphy happy cats

Looks like this:

But before it actually posts the gif in the channel, it lets you confirm it, or click shuffle to find a different gif (because sometimes they’re not really appropriate for a public chat.)

/msg @username [your message]

Starts a private discussion between you and that user. Be considerate, though: only message folks when they’re actively discussing something in Slack already. You wouldn’t want to wake someone up for something that isn’t too important.

Slack also has auto-complete, too, so you can just type a slash (/) and then you’ll get more details on what you can do in Slack.

Head on over and join us!